Sunday, 10 February 2013

Duas for all purposes

Duas for various occasions


  1. Assalam alaikum,
    Dear Muslim brothers and sisters I want to say thank you for your Dua for me. Alhamdulila God willed me to gave me good health again. Alhamdulila, Subhana Allah, Subhana Allah athim, La illa illAllah wa Muhammad rasullulah.
    Thank you brothers and sisters for your prayer for me.
    I will be also continue to pray for your deeds and read Dua bro and sisters.
    Now I want to ask you also please continue to pray for my trust of Allah till get resurrection day I want to be a good and chaste Muslim woman.
    Also please pray for all suffering Muslim bro and sisters and new believing Muslims to be seeking Allah right knowledge and found out and to meet Allah in paradise in end of this world time.
    Thank you bro and sisters
    Assalam alaikum

  2. || Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim ||

    Assalamalikym dear all Muslim brothers & sisters, please pray for me that - "May ALLAH give me haayat a Taiyaaba & grant me to die as a true Mumin - a true ummah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    Before my death, may ALLAH make me worthy of Jannatul Firdous. YA ALLAH forgive all of my sins & hide all my bad deeds. Sweep all the bad deeds of my life by your kindness & mercy. Guide me through the righteous people's path. Grant my life's purpose for your Deen, Establishing the Deen-Islam as the world's true religion. Help me practicing & spreading your Deen- Islam in our society in a perfect peaceful way.

    Before leaving this world, may ALLAH give me the chances of fulfilling all the rights of my surrounding; as well as perform properly the responsibilities & instructions in this world for ALLAH (SWT). The people & other lives or anything that has been hurt or harmed by me, please ALLAH cover their sorrows & give them your special blessings so that, they can just forget & forgive my wrong deeds. YA ALLAH give me Hedayat, so that I will never do wrong things. YA ALLAH give me the chances of begging pardon individually to each of them, or in any way let them feel to forgive me.

    YA ALLAH, in the day of judgement, let my Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) feel nice & comfortable while recommending me to Jannah as his ummah. Make me among those 70,000 Jannati who will be given paradise without asking about their acts & accounts.

    YA ALLAH, give me an easy-smooth death without pain & sufferings with a status of Shaheed; save me from the punishments in the grave & make my grave very enlighten, wide & as like as Jannah, help me on the judgement day to be under your shelter with lots of peace & happiness & finally enter into the Jannatul Firdous without facing the burden of time.

    Oh My Creator ALLAH, definitely you can severely punish the wrong doers; but your Mercy is much much more significant & higher; and definitely you love to forgive your creations. The Most Gracious, The most Merciful, One & Only Lord of all the Lords, please give me Hedayat, save me from all evil, forgive all of my sins & bless me with JANNATUL FIRDOUS. Your are the true & best friend for all of your creations, ALLAH, You are Guardians of all the guardians & None can help but ALLAH & certainly You are the best Helper & only Sustainer.

    || Rabbana atina fiddunya hasanatao wafil akheeraat a hasna ||